Practical Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

The first step in creating a good CV is determining your goal. It would be advantageous if you adjusted your CV to the job in mind. A well-written CV will rapidly land you an interview. Even if you are not rejected, a badly written CV may result in you never hearing anything about the position again.

So, in 2022, you should do a few things to improve your CV and demonstrate to potential employers why you are the only candidate for the position.

This post will provide you our best advice on how to write a decent CV that will get noticed.

1. Make a strong start.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Begin with a review of your most valuable talents and accomplishments. This will immediately capture and retain the recruiter’s attention. This personal history is an important aspect of your CV since it informs the recruiter about you and creates a good first impression.

Here is a good example:

“I am an enthusiastic, industrious, and devoted individual that has previously created websites and databases. I have great technical abilities and work well with others. I’m excited to be challenged to grow and expand on the abilities I’ve gained in the IT industry.”

2. Simple to read

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

This CV included a lot of white space and was two pages lengthy, which is standard for someone with more than eight years of experience.

Everything was neatly structured:

  • The line spacing was proper.
  • The company names were daring.
  • The titles have been italicised.
  • The job requirements were organised in bullet points.

There isn’t a single misspelling to be found.

3. Prioritize results over obligations.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Instead of just listing your previous positions, make your CV stand out by emphasising your outcomes and providing data to demonstrate what you’ve done. Rather than saying, “I assisted in increasing Company X’s social media engagement,” write, “I boosted Company X’s social media engagement by 38%.”

4. Showcase your industry knowledge.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Knowing about the field for which you are applying will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are up to date on trends. Employers will be much more interested in you if you can demonstrate that you know a lot about the sector, so stay up to date on industry news and developments.

This will also come in handy if you are called in for an interview.

5. Check your spelling three times.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Minor grammatical errors suggest a lack of attention to detail and may disqualify you; delete them from your CV.

Request that friends and family review your CV; a fresh pair of eyes will be more effective at detecting faults that you’ve been staring at for days.

6. Change and growth should be highlighted.

Practical Techniques for Making Your CV Stand Out

Your progress should be highlighted in your CV. Demonstrate how you have grown and matured in your professions, as well as your successes. This will show the recruiter that you have learned a lot from your prior jobs and are committed to learning and growing your skill set.

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